Coinspace has its headquarters in Europe with worldwide operations. We focus on core markets such as South East Asia, Europe, India, Africa and South America. Seeing as our company is committed to growth, we are opening new regional offces worldwide.

Coinspace is a unique business opportunity and it is the only one of its kind. The concept behind Coinspace is the result of the cryptocurrency boom. We offer amazing benefts for people who are looking for fnancial success and independence.

This is why our services hold massive worldwide appeal. Our mission is to provide you with a mining service you can use for mining cryptocurrencies. We have taken great care in order to de-mystify the process of mining. This enables you to quickly master the skills required to start mining and making profit off of it without any prior experience. 


Your demand is a Coinspace command. To us, the success of our members is everything. We consider our members true partners in the business. We understand the unwavering commitment required to build a solid organization. We believe in making things simple.

This is why we focus on eliminating as many speed bumps as possible on your road to success. Our mission is to build real cryptocurrency value. This is achieved by creating three things: a buyer-driven trading volume with an exclusive commerce benefit, a highly usable coin, and an intelligent merchant program.
Our vison is
“One World, One Currency
Our goal is to provide you with a system that will help you establish the most useful and proftable coin possible: 


We provide everybody with both access to the industry of virtual currency as well as the understanding of it. This is how we use our unique system to make proft. Learn the secrets of trading, investing and profting from cryptocurrency with our help.

We strive to bring you the ultimate system of cryptocurrency and the best part is: our company takes care of everything. We provide you with state of the art software and hardware to make production most proftable. We hire people to service and manage your moneymaking machine and pay for all the expenses.

All this just for a one-time payment of your package.

Whether your investment is as small as 150€ or as big as 120.000€ is irrelevant. Our unique formula will give all our members the same options and the same amazing results.

Our company is not looking for short-term profit. We spent one and a half years, learning, researching and developing. It was not until the last couple of months that we have begun marketing our idea. Instead of a short-term proft, we are interested in long-term sustainability. We look for the best and simplest way of delivering a new overall usable payment method and proft in the long run.

We developed S-coin exclusively because we want
a better world for us all.


There will be a limited supply of coins, no infation, a higher and higher demand every day, a constant growth in value, a decentralized system independent from central authority, peer to peer technology supporting the network of computers – a highly encrypted, secure, and transparent protocol with blockchain technology!

This is the revo- lution in payment systems. It is the next big step for mankind and the most important invention since the internet. Not only will it provide easy and fast worldwide transactions with next to zero fees, but it will also allow more than 2,5 billion under-banked people to download their digital wallet and start using it as a bank account on their mobile phones. It is like having a personal bank account.

It is free and can be used to start making transactions worldwide using cryptocurrency - the future is your decision.

What is the S-coin?

The future S-coin is a digital internet currency that uses peer-to-peer technology. The network is decentralized and free from any central authorities. Individuals can securely transfer payments to friends and family quickly all around the world with little to no cost.

S-coin uses the latest technologies to process transactions quickly and effciently with a new blend of CPU / GPU and POW / POS logic at the right time.

The mission is building a real cryptocurrency value by creating a buyer-driven trading volume with an exclusive commerce beneft. The S-coin has two key distinctions from all other crypto currencies. First is an exclusive commerce beneft for people to buy and use the S-coin to make purchases.

The second is a leveraged marketing force to promote the S-coin and establish the commerce network. Anyone can use our mining service and support us while earning in the biggest world story.


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