Any earnings or success you achieve will vary according to the geographical location, time, and effort applied to your particular business and is not guaranteed by COINSPACE, management, staff or member. 


The fxed daily production of coins is only valid until S-coin is offcially launched. After the launch daily mining - daily coin production - will vary according to the S-coin network and hash power on the S-coin (members mining). At its launch the value of the S-coin is minimum doubled which means that the proft per licence is maintained at a minimum of 50% or more. 



With our project share opportunity, users proft every single day, outside of mining. Members are eligible for ownership and profts of all our crypto projects, including and not limited to mining and development projects. Shares were included in addition to Coinspace’s mining product so that we can guarantee a constant monthly income and pay monthly income back to our members out from Coinspace services. Every single new Coinspace member will receive project shares in proportion to the Coinspace Business Package, which was bought upon enrollment day (Quarter Mine or higher). 
50% / 50%

First project shares are estimated to go live after the launch of Scoin! 
If we assume that Coinspace made 100,000 € of proft from transaction fees this month: 50% goes to Coinspace, the other 50% (50,000 €) goes to the users with project shares. Let’s say that 70 users have business packages with project shares included and they have all together 140 project shares. When 50,000 € is divided by 140 shares this equals 357€/share, and this is the value of one share in that particular month. So if you have a package of 1,500 € with + 1 project share you will receive additional 357 € in earnings at the end of your license. If you have a package of Double Mine 12,000 € with 12 + project shares, you earn 12 x 357 € = 4,284 € this month


Buying bigger packages is absolutely WORTH IT! Every year, there will be more and more transactions inside the S-coin community, so project shares will go up! The best part of this system is that we are all aiming towards the same goal: both the Company and the users all want to have more users and more transactions in the network. This makes this system and your investment safe and proftable!

First shares: Everyone who is registered as a Coinspace member with the Coinspace Business package (Quarter Mine or high- er) has a project share option included. This is calculated in your monthly income from Coinspace Service. First shares will come from Coinspace Exchange Free during the frst phase where Coinspace members decide to sell their monthly production of coins back to the company at a fxed price with a approx. 5% fee for every transaction. Those shares are not specifcally marked on the platform but are calculated in addition to your monthly income.

Next shares: members receive next shares from all new following projects. The percentage will depend upon their Coinspace Busi- ness Package.

Example: John has been enrolled on 1st of January, 2016. The new project ends on 2nd January, 2016, so John is entitled to the division of shares in his platform. Another project was completed 30th of December, 2015. Because John was not enrolled in the system up to that date, he is not entitled to the shares. 


As we grow and develop we will gladly invite you to work with us on more projects and to contribute to developing more ways of achieving fnancial success. Right now we are working on many great ideas and concepts that will be revealed in time. Coinspace will have several different applications such as lottery, casino, online shopping and other gaming platform portals, plus a merchant program, where users can spend their coins. Every single usage of coin will have a very small fee. We will sum all the fees from all the applications and the whole turnover in € will be divided between the company and the users, where the company will take 50% of the proft of all transaction fees and the other 50% will be divided between all the users who have proft shares in their business packages.

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You can in the next 45 days as a full member sign up a new member, and earn Fast start commission of 20 % and 12% fast start commission after first 45 days. Even as a free member (free position lasts 60 days)You can enroll a new member and after 60 days earn commission of 12%.
After that, just make upgrade and earn binary and matching commission and start your mining proces!