We provide you with the highest quality personal mining service. We are developing the best software and hardware so that we can offer you the most proftable mining. We combine cutting-edge hardware with simple and easy-to-understand mining contracts to bring you the most advanced mining solution available on the market.

All pool, electricity and maintenance fees are included in the price. You choose how much mining (hash) power you want and with it how big your daily money production will be. We supply the hardware, hosting and maintenance for you to start earning immediately.

The system is elastic: you can have as much or as little hash
power (and coins as a result) as you want at any given time.

On-site technicians ensure continuous monitoring and servicing of individual elements of the mining structure. We offer constant paybacks and professional support. The IT staff will carry out the mining for you. This way you can simply lay back and enjoy watching your investment increase. The process power and coins are sold on demand, typically by the minute or by the hour.

We have a system that uses liquid cryptocurrencies for your fxed income. It is also able to get a large group of users supporting the same coin – S-coin. The S-coin will be launched when we achieve approximately 50.000 members. A large and stable group of users will make the new upcoming currency more secure, proftable, and valuable.

We offer a unique mining system that will carry out the mining process on the most advanced and up-to-date devices, while you run errands or even while you sleep.


What is the most important feature of Coinspace?

This powerful, unique, and modern mining equipment is available to you at once. It is specialized for all cryptocurrencies with the highest value at that time. This way we minimise risks and increase security to the highest possible level for you.

We take care of all the rest. 


• Every 14th and 28th day of the month members will be paid out with a fxed income (if members decide to sell coins back to the company per fxed guaranteed price of 0.50€/coin)

• Selling coins back to the company is available until the launch of the S-coin (50,000 members in Coinspace).

• Earn 50% of the proft by selling coins back to the company within the one year mining contract (Coinspace Mining Service)

• The possibility of earning 200% or more by waiting for the S-coin to launch (upon reaching 50,000 members in CoinAny earnings or success you achieve will vary according to the geographical location, time, and effort applied to your particular business and is not guaranteed by COINSPACE, management, staff or

The value of the S-coin at the moment of its launch will be a minimum of 1€/coin.

• A fxed amount of coins obtained daily through the mining production will only be available until the S-coin is publicly released into the network. So, start now and make the most out of mining. The sooner you start the more coins you will be able to obtain.

And the greater amount of coins you have in your possession the more assets you will have at your disposal. Therefore it is important that you start immediately. The moment the s-coin is released into the network, the open exchange on the market will begin, which means an open supply and demand. Mining will become increasingly diffcult, because the daily reward (consisting of an unchanged number of coins) will be divided between more and more users every day.

As a result, daily production will start decreasing but the price of the coin will sky-rocket. Once you grasp this concept, you can understand why it is so important to start sooner rather than later.


• No monthly quality rank volume is required to achieve any Coinspace rank
• Binary points are accumulating lifetime, weaker and power side
• No recruiting necessary (optionally for investors)


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You can in the next 45 days as a full member sign up a new member, and earn Fast start commission of 20 % and 12% fast start commission after first 45 days. 

Even as a free member (free position lasts 60 days)You can enroll a new member and after 60 days earn commission of 12%.

After that, just make upgrade and earn binary and matching commission and start your mining proces! 

Any earnings or success you achieve will vary according to the geographical location, time, and effort applied to your particular business and is not guaranteed by COINSPACE, management, staff or member.